Romantic Getaway at the Coast Guard House Inn & Cottages

Most of my travel adventures in the past have been fast-paced and family-oriented. I’ve recently been taking smaller trips with the purpose of slowing down and enjoying the moment.

cottagesIn September, I drove up the California coast for a few days to recharge. We had such a great time that I can’t help but share our experiences here so that more people will consider a trip to the treasure that is in Mendocino County.

After researching countless inns and hotels, we agreed to stay at the Coast Guard House Historic Inn & Cottages after seeing how cozy and inviting the pictures were on its website.

Upon arrival, we were admittedly a little hesitant based on the accommodations’ appearances. Then we remembered that the Coast Guard House was built in 1901 and used to house actual sea rescuers and has thus earned its right to remain historically weathered.

Once we were inside, we were pleasantly surprised! Though the cottages are rough and worn on the outside, they are charming and comfortable on the inside.

Read on for more information about our favorite aspects of the accommodations.


The cottages are located in the Arena Cove Historic District, surrounded by a beautiful wharf, incredible landscape, and other historic structures.

The Point Arena Pier is a popular place for locals to catch a few waves every morning, as the waves crashing into the wharf create excellent surfing conditions. There are also a few restaurants that serve the local population, which made us feel right at home while we were away.

Each morning before our excursions, we would stop by Cove Coffee. They serve a variety of breakfast bagels and sandwiches, and there was also a small selection of snack foods available for purchase, which we delighted in as ‘road snacks.’

We visited the Pier Chowder House & Tap Room each night for dinner. Their french fries were delicious, and they had a great selection of beer available. The food was so good, which was a relief since Point Arena is relatively isolated. Why drive anywhere else for additional options when great food was right down the road from us?

The Coast Guard House is also near the two main attractions that excited us about Point Arena in the first place; it is just south of the lighthouse and B Bryan Preserve.

Overall, the coast guard cottages were in a great location for us; they were secluded, but still optimally located for both food and all of the excursions that we wanted to do.


The cottages came furnished with a mini-fridge (in a closet right outside the front door) and a coffee maker. These came in handy when we left dinner with leftovers, and when waking up early to make the most of our days.

We enjoyed ending each evening sitting on the fenced off private porch, drinking a glass of wine and playing board games. We even had a special guest in the form of the caretakers’ friendly dog when we were out enjoying the ocean view one night!

While most everything we needed during our stay was provided to us, I thought it strange that we were given two half-used rolls of toilet paper (or, to better put it in perspective, one full roll that had already been opened.) Though we were only staying for two nights, I thought this skimp on an important personal hygiene necessity odd considering the price point of the establishment.

For the most part, the Coast Guard House management provided us with everything we needed to have a relaxing stay.


We booked the ‘Boathouse’ cottage, which is the smallest available option. From the outside it looks long and narrow with hardly any extra room to stretch. Although it appears oddly small from the outside, we had plenty of space to make ourselves comfortable.

Despite the building’s age, the Coast Guard cottages are in great working condition. The management seemed to really make an effort to keep the inner workings of the cabin modern enough to ensure visitors are comfortable during their getaway.

The water pressure in the shower was divine, and the bed was downright heavenly. I’ve even emailed management asking what mattress topper was in the cottage! I had some of the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had in the Boathouse Cottage.

Lastly, the whirlpool spa located inside the cottage is advertised for two, and it actually fits two! We enjoyed a nice hot soak each night, which was the perfect end to fun-filled days.

The Boathouse cottage had everything we needed for a relaxed, comfortable trip.

Point Arena was the perfect place for a quick trip to recharge the batteries and experience a new environment. If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic getaway, look no further than the Coast Guard Cottages!

Have you ever driven up the Pacific Coast Highway?


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