Bernard Beer Spa — Czech Republic

Bucket List item #005Bernard Beer Spa — Czech Republic

When I’m on vacation, my two favorite things to do are to drink and to treat myself. One might say that they’re one and the same– that a drink is a treat in and of itself! This is true. However, I love a good soak in a hot tub, and drinking unlimited beer while pampering myself sounds like my kind of vacation #goals!

Bernard-Beer-Spa-2At the Bernard Beer Spa, you have the opportunity to drink unlimited beer Bernard while soaking in a hot tub filled with beer. If that doesn’t sound like an absolute craft beer lover’s heaven, then I don’t know what is!

It may sound a little weird and niche at first, but beer spas have been around since the Middle Ages. According to the Czech, beer soaks leave you feeling revitalized and relaxed! The Bernard Beer Spa is a fun, unique spa treatment that even men can endure for an hour or two.

Pricing varies depending on whether you want separate tubs and massages, but two people receiving all services in separate tubs costs $178 USD. This price includes a nice beer bath, unlimited beer to drink, a 20-minute massage, a session of relaxation in a hot bed, and an original souvenir bottle of Bernard. Split between two people, that price isn’t bad! Sharing a tub runs cheaper, with a price point of $145. You can also opt out of the massage, which lowers the price to $110! That’s just $55 per person.

This experience is definitely unique and, due to its price point, requires a love of beer to be fully enjoyed. I truly believe it’s worth it if you’re a craft beer fanatic who enjoys spending time in spas on your vacations!

Have you ever been to a beer spa? Let me know your experience in the comments below!

All images courtesy of Norio Nakayama / Flickr


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