Giraffe Manor — Kenya

Bucket List item #004: Giraffe Manor — Kenya

The Giraffe Manor was founded by ex-pats who took in an orphaned Rothschild giraffe and opened a breeding center in an effort to reestablish the species’ presence in Kenya. It is an exclusive boutique hotel operated by The Safari Collection, and located on the lands of the Giraffe Centre, a non-profit organization whose main objective is ‘to provide conservation education for school children and the youth of Kenya.

What intrigues me about Giraffe Manor and the Giraffe Centre is their collective mission: dine with and spend time with the endangered Rothschild giraffes while staying on lands whose efforts go toward preserving the species.

Giraffe Centre

Filip Lachowski / Flickr

Essentially, guests get to have the experience of a lifetime while supporting the re-population efforts of an endangered species. Not to mention that if every guest who stays at Giraffe Manor also visits the Centre, they will have also contributed towards conservation education of the Kenyan youth.

For me, that characteristic is what places the Giraffe Manor on my bucket list— that my travels would be contributing to society in a positive way.


A stay at Giraffe Manor is quite expensive— the lowest rate is $550 per person, with a recommended duration of two nights. That can add up! However, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and would definitely be a great start for someone who wishes to experience a safari without necessarily having to ‘rough it.’

The Giraffe Manor is all-inclusive (all meals and most drinks are included within the price) and amenities include complimentary shuttles for exploring, wifi, and airport transfers.

What hotels are on your bucket list?

Featured image courtesy of The Safari Collection.


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