My Favorite Things about Melbourne, Australia!

This post is part of a series called ‘Few of my Favorite Things,’ which highlights the parts of my travel experiences that I find to be representative of my time in that specific locale: a restaurant, an experience, and a place. For more posts like this one, click here!

In December 2016, my mother and I found ourselves falling in love with the world’s most livable city: Melbourne, Australia.

The people are ridiculously friendly, the food is delicious, and the city itself is maintained beautifully with parks and attractions all around. It is so easy to get around the city in order to explore, and there’s also plenty of destinations surrounding the city for even more adventure.

I’m determined to make my way back to Melbourne soon, because there is just so much more I want to eat and explore! Until then, read on for just a few of my favorite things, Melbourne edition!

Restaurant: Sichuan House

chinatownMelbourne is so diverse that many of its best restaurants are of a foreign cuisine. My personal favorite culinary experience I had while in Melbourne was at Sichuan House, located in Chinatown.

To get to this amazing little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, my mom and I literally had to walk through a nondescript alleyway; even then, we almost walked right past it!

It definitely helped that we knew exactly where we were going— the Sichuan House restaurant is one of many Melbourne hot spots that comes highly recommended by renowned chef and Travel Channel’s own Anthony Bourdain.

(Author’s Note: The name of the restaurant on Bourdain’s list does not match the address he provides. We dined at 26 Corrs Lane.)

My mother and I shied away from the more daring food recommendations on Bourdain’s list, such as heart. Instead, we asked our waitress about the dishes that were their best sellers, and ordered more than enough food for the two of us. Our favorite dish was definitely the spicy garlic noodles. We also ordered the kung pao chicken, which was more crunchy than it was saucy. Overall, everything was delicious and flavorful.

Experience: Queen Victoria Night Market

qv-night-market-2Although the Queen Victoria Market is open in Melbourne year round, the Night Market is an experience specific only to the warm, summer months!

Every Wednesday night in summer, vendors gather in the outdoor court of Queen Victoria Market to serve up some delicious cuisine from a variety of cultures. Melbourne is impressively diverse, and the food offerings reflect the various communities that have immigrated and settled within the city limits. Turkish kebab, Spanish paella, and Danish pastries are just a few examples of the flavorful culinary treats available for consumption!

While street food is by far the best part of the night market experience, there are also booths offering products for sale such as clothes, jewelry, novelty goods, etc. There was a Pimm’s Garden offering all sorts of cocktails made with the fruity liqueur, and even a vintage car show outside lined along the building and neighboring street.


Place: Hosier Lane

skeletor-hosierI love me some relevant street art, and the graffiti across the walls of Melbourne’s Hosier Lane is in constant flux. I can’t imagine a smoking goat saying “Merry Christmas” is there year-round, though the ‘filthy animal’ was a fan favorite when I visited.

Some of the street art was interactive, such as a ‘Battle with Skeletor’ piece that encouraged viewers to zap the popular cartoon character for a fun photo.

A lot of the pieces were based on popular culture, with verses of poetry or silhouettes of famous Hollywood actresses prominent in the artists’ visions. I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I walked up and down the lane, taking in the paint on every wall of the alleyway.

My mom and I decided to grab Nando’s before walking up and down the lane, and there’s plenty of pubs nearby, so you can eat good food and drink to your heart’s content before or after your leisurely stroll through Hosier Lane.


What were your favorite spots in Melbourne?

For an interactive Google Map of these awesome spots, click here.


One thought on “My Favorite Things about Melbourne, Australia!

  1. Alaine says:

    Melbourne was so much fun! My favorite meals came from Krimper cafe, Seven seeds, and Meatball shop. You’re right about Melbourne having a lot of things to do. I felt like I was trying to fit everything into a few days 🙀

    Liked by 1 person

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