Why I Love The Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne

In December, my mother and I embarked on a trip to Australia as part of her 50th birthday celebration. We visited Melbourne, Cairns, and Sydney over the course of two weeks and even though each city had its own unique charms, it was Melbourne that stole a piece of our hearts.

There’s something about the city that resonates with those who visit— after all, Melbourne has been named the ‘world’s most liveable city‘ for six years in a row! It’s the food, the atmosphere, and the friendly people that make this city glow, and the charm definitely shines through at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne.

Incredible Hospitality

img_0475Upon arrival, the guest services manager Andrew checked us in to our room. He made us feel right at home after an unbelievably long day of travel. We disclosed that our reason for visiting Melbourne was to celebrate my mom’s birthday, so he had a plate of fresh berries and cupcakes sent up to our room! He was an absolute sweetheart.

We booked all our tours through the concierge, and Tony and Tobias were both huge helps in this regard. Tony even went out of his way to give us some restaurant recommendations as we stood outside the hotel waiting for our Uber!

The highlight of this hotel is its people– truly, every single concierge staff member was so friendly, helpful, and considerate.

Prime Location


Photo of Flinders St. Station courtesy of Wikimedia

The Rendezvous Hotel is located in the central business district on Flinders St., right across the street from the public transportation hub Flinders Street Station.

A short walk outside toward Elizabeth St. grants convenient access to the Free Tram that goes all around the city. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hosier Lane, and Federation Square are just a few of the better known tourist attractions that are also within walking distance.

Since the hotel is located on a main street, tours and excursions often include the Rendezvous Hotel as a pick-up point, so you don’t need to worry about waking up ridiculously early in order to see all that you want to see in Melbourne. Overall, the hotel’s central location is ideal for a laid-back trip.

Cozy Quarters


Photo of similar room courtesy of TripAdvsior

We requested a room with a view and were given one that had a lovely view of the Yarra River and Flinders St. Station. It was in a different (read: older and not yet entirely renovated) space of the hotel, but the room itself was updated in a modern style and very comfortable!

There’s so much to see and do around Melbourne that whatever hotel room you stay in is merely a place to lay your head. Taking this into consideration, the Rendezvous Hotel offers the best accommodations for the relatively cheap price you pay.

I highly recommend the Rendezvous Hotel for anyone looking for affordable, family-friendly accommodations in the central business district of Melbourne. The staff left us with a wonderful impression, which made for a generally excellent experience during our time in the city.


Featured image courtesy of TFE Hotels


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