La Sardana — Spain

Bucket List item #003: The Sardana — Spain

When I make my way to Barcelona, I will have to make sure that I am there on Sunday.

Every Sunday at noon, a small band gathers to play on the cathedral steps while locals come together, form circles, join hands, and dance the sardana. This is a centuries-old Catalan tradition that was recently proclaimed by the government of Catalonia a festivity of national interest.

Though some may find the dance repetitive and boring, I find it endearing and communal. After all, if you’re searching to experience Catalan culture while in Barcelona, this is it! Watch in awe as strangers come together to honor their history, and witness the pride that they have in their ancestral customs. It is tradition, heritage, and celebration rolled into one— what more could one ask for?

The dancing of the sardana is a truly touching tradition that I cannot wait to witness firsthand when I visit the Catalan capital of Barcelona.

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia


3 thoughts on “La Sardana — Spain

  1. kad8585 says:

    Love Barcelona!! Such a great city. I just posted about Casa Batlló in Barcelona. La Sardana seems cool too. I hope its as fun as it seems. 🙂


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