An Open Letter to Those Who Want to Move to California

An Open Letter To Those Who Want To Move To California
An introduction, a promise, and a plea.


Firstly, whether you’re from a foreign country or another state, we’re so happy to welcome you with open arms to experience our beautiful home. These past few weeks in the political realm have been a nightmare, but we still want to share with you the California you’ve heard of. From the beaches of San Diego, to the Hollywood Hills, and even to the foggy mounds surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco— wherever your California experience takes you, we’re excited for you to see our landscapes and cities that are as diverse as our people.

And our people are diverse.

While the United States claims it is a melting pot of cultures, religions, and races, there is no place where it rings more true than in California. The most recent census data places racial minorities at 43% of the total population. That was over six years ago, and you can bet that that number has risen.

Personally, as a woman of color born in Los Angeles, it hurts to see such intolerance around the nation for our LGBT+, Hispanic, Muslim, and Black brothers and sisters with whom we share our great state. It hurts, but it hasn’t knocked us down. Two-thirds of our state’s population voted against hate because we recognize humanity.

Please know that if you choose to move to, or even just visit California, you’re entering a state of tolerance and love. And as long as I have a voice, I promise I will use it for love.

Should you face racial or hateful slurs, I will speak up.

Should your freedom of religion be threatened because you wear a hijab or a turban, I will defend your rights and your humanity.

Should anyone insinuate you should ‘go back to your country,’ I will stand by you because you belong.

I will stand to protect you, your freedom of religion, and your personal space as if you were from here yourself. And if you’re facing persecution in a country you thought was your home, I’ll stand by you because these next four years will be hard enough without feeling like we’re alone.

We are not alone, we are together. What makes the United States of America great is that it is a coalition of 50 different states that come together to form a more perfect union. We are not alone. Our fates are tied together, so we’ll get through this together.

While the United States seems to have collectively forgotten that our diversity and our liberties are what make our nation great, California has not. Thousands upon thousands of people are disappointed by this election’s outcome, and are moving forward to fight for our collective rights. Our politics may differ, but humanity has no left or right— you either treat others like you want to be treated, or you don’t.

So, should you choose to visit California within the next four years, please take into consideration how wonderfully diverse our population is. We are a community, and in some areas, we are family. Find tolerance and empathy within yourself and in those around you. Please don’t try and introduce ignorance or hatred because it won’t stick. We’re strong together, and we’ve already chosen love.

Best wishes from the South Bay,

Disclaimer: I know I don’t speak for the entire population of California, but these are my views of our Golden state.


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