A Pleasurable Stay at the Sheraton Kona Resort of Keauhou Bay

The picturesque Keauhou Bay is appropriately named. According to Hawaiian lore, it is the birthplace of King Kamehameha III, the Hawaiian king who helped usher in a ‘new era’ for the Hawaiian islands. He labored to unite traditional Hawaiian beliefs with the new, foreign Christian ways, and ultimately became the longest reigning king in the island nation’s history.img_0013

Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa is nestled in the midst of this familial history. The resort is staffed and surrounded by locals who love to share their home with all those who come to visit them.

The expansive resort is framed by beautiful plumeria blossoms of different varieties, multiple recreational activity courts, and picturesque lava cliffs.

Despite being an older property, it is easy to see how this establishment has lasted– it is aged, but not dated.

Facilities & Amenities

Swimming Pools


The swimming pool at the Sheraton Kona is massive, and that would be because there are two of them! There is the inner pool, which is mostly within the confines of the resort, and the outer pool, which lies alongside the lava cliffs. The two are conjoined by a strait alongside the pool bar.

Combined, the pools at the Sheraton Kona have a mini beach, a volleyball net, a water slide, water fountains, and whirlpools. The poolside stand rents out cliffside cabanas and daybeds, as well as equipment such as snorkeling gear and beach umbrellas for outside excursions.

The pool at the Sheraton Kona isn’t your typical lazy day lounging experience– it is much more active and grandiose, nearly qualifying as an experience in and of itself.

24-hour Fitness Center

If you’re anything like my aunt and need to stick to an exact exercise regimen even on vacation, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Sheraton Kona offers a fitness center that is open 24/7. It is equipped with treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles, and weight machines. They also have free weights, mats, and foam rollers!

Club Lealea Lounge


Photo courtesy of Sheraton Kona

My little cousins spent a lot of their time in this air-conditioned room filled with foosball tables, pool tables, Connect 4, Shuffleboard, Air Hockey, a whole bunch of board games, and even a video game console (though if you’re on vacation in Hawaii and playing video games, I think you’re missing the point!)

The lounge is a chill place to unwind after a full day of activity. Grab a drink from the Keauhou Bay Coffee Co. or the pool bar, and engage in some friendly or familial competition!

If the Hawaiian midday heat proves too terrible for you, I highly recommend you seek refuge in this game-filled haven.

Dining Experiences

Keauhou Bay Coffee Company


Photo courtesy of Sheraton Kona

The Keauhou Bay Coffee Company is the best place to start your day. Since we had early morning activities planned for most days of our stay, we headed here for breakfast. They are open starting at 6 AM, and serve anything you could possibly want: breakfast burritos, omelettes, sides of toast and hashbrowns, fruit smoothies, and yogurt parfaits, just to name a few options.

I think my favorite thing about the Keauhou Bay Coffee Co. is that they serve beverages of all sorts! In addition to the regular coffee drinks, you can also order beer, wine, and other types of liquor at the stand. Feel free to experiment with your drink and ask the workers for their recommendations, because they definitely know their way around caffeinated concoctions.

Overall, the employees were so patient and nice with our family of six, and they went above and beyond to accommodate every guest. They definitely made the early mornings easier to bear.

Rays On The Bayimg_0012

Keauhou Bay is notorious for its manta ray swimming excursions, and the Sheraton Kona has capitalized on its prime location to offer dinner with a wild nightlife view!

Rays on the Bay is a fine dining experience coupled with a wildlife show. As you eat and drink alongside the lava cliffs, bright lights are shone into the bay. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see the large manta rays make their way to the surface, feeding off of the plankton that are attracted to the light.

The food was great, the drinks were strong, and the servers were friendly. Although Rays on the Bay is open for both breakfast and dinner, I would recommend making a late-night dinner reservation for this restaurant in order to take advantage of the manta ray experience.

Upon arrival, there were a few minor setbacks in each of our rooms. An air conditioning unit wasn’t working quite right, an iron was flat-out missing, and an in-room safe for our valuables wouldn’t reset. img_3090However, as soon as we contacted hotel staff about our concerns, they sent over a maintenance man and all problems were remedied immediately.

This is just one example of how attentive the Sheraton Kona staff are toward their guests. What the resort lacks in modernity and glitz, it makes up for in customer service and experience.

The Sheraton Kona was the perfect place for my family and I to stay, simply because we used the hotel mostly as a launching pad. We hardly spent any time in our rooms, but the time that we did spend on the property was enhanced by the incredible people who worked diligently to ensure that our stay was memorable.


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